Kestävät municipalities

The municipalities of Alavus, Kauhava, Kurikka,  Kuortane and Lapua in South Ostrobothnia, Finland, are keen to respond to the challenges posed by climate change and have therefore joined forces to have a larger overall impact. Their co-operation is called Kestävät, a Finnish word with the dual meaning of endurance and sustainability.   As an outline for the joint efforts, the municipalities have drawn up a joint sub-regional climate strategy, which is now being implemented in various ways. 

The Kestävät municipalities work together to

  • Implement the Climate Strategy of the Seinäjoki region through cooperation
  • Achieve the goals set in municipal specific sustainable development programs
  • Share the information of the impact of climate work on other municipalities and elected officials 
  • Increase inter-municipal cooperation in combating climate change 
  • Set goals to reduce energy consumption 
  • Set targets for increasing the use of renewable energy 
  • Introduce policies that reduce unnecessary consumption 
  • Share information on good practices within the municipality and between the municipalities  
  • Take into account the emissions of municipal transport
  • Take climate change adaptation into account in all actions 
  • Participate in national climate work, for example the Finnish Climate Network


Johanna Punkari 

project manager 
+358 44 738 0022 

Lassilantie 12 

62100 LAPUA